WEBINAR: Supporting University Cyber Security and student online safety, Hosted by ProtectED

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  • by Olivia Lawlor-Blackburn
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COMING SOON: Supporting University Cyber Security and student online safety, hosted by ProtectED via Zoom, Thursday 30 March 2023 11.00AM📢

This ProtectED Reflections event will explore the digital threats and cyber security problems facing universities today. The speakers will discuss the ways in which all university teams — from student well-being to library staff — can build a university’s resilience, closing down opportunities for potential data leaks and ransomware attacks.

The FREE webinar will also look at how important it is to protect staff and students from email phishing, online scams, and clicking on links that could put them and their university in danger. ProtectED is very pleased to welcome the speakers for this event:

Bill Taylor – Deputy Director, Information Technology and Digital Services at Teesside University, a ProtectED Founder Member institution

Mike Gillespie, Founder and Thought Leader at Advent IM. — one of the UK’s leading independent cyber and information security specialists.

This event will discuss the impact of a cyber-attack on a university, exploring measures that can reduce the risk of a security breach or data leak. The speakers will also share their thoughts, insights, and recommendations for future developments in university and student support around cyber security and online safety.


There is also the opportunity to ask questions in advance; just follow the link for more details and to register. We look forward to you joining us!

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