Data Protection / UK GDPR Training

Training Courses for those working with personal data as part of their role.

Data Protection Training Overview

In our increasingly interconnected world, where information flows freely across digital channels, the need to safeguard personal and sensitive data has never been more crucial.

As technology evolves, so do the potential risks and threats to the privacy and security of personal and organisational information. Whether you are an employee, a manager, or a business owner, understanding the principles of data protection is not only essential for compliance with regulations but also vital for maintaining trust with stakeholders.

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Who Should Attend

Our 2-day Data Protection training courses are designed for those working in the following areas and need a more developed understanding of their responsibilities:

  • Staff processing Subject Acess Requests
  • Staff with Data Protection implementation and compliance responsibilities
  • Information Manager (s)
  • Access to Records Officer (s)
  • Information Management Roles
  • Information Governance Teams or Individuals
  • HR, Finance and other administrative teams that have access to personal or sensitive data
  • Senior Managers or Officers who work with sensitive data

Training Outline

A Pre-course study package (approximately 2 hours reading) is also provided explaining the principles of information assurance and information risk management, focusing on:

  • The history of the DPA, key definitions and the data protection principles
  • The role of the Information Commissioner
  • The changes introduced by the EU, UK GDPR, DPA 2018 and how it affects current Data Protection practices
  • Understanding the Principles related to the processing of personal data and how that translates into working practices
  • The Rights of Data Subjects (i.e. Access, Rectification, Employee Monitoring, Erasure and Portability) including how to process Subject Access Requests (SARs) and applying the basis for exemptions;
  • When and how to produce a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • Privacy Notices and Data Sharing Agreements;
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and aspects around the Governance of the role;
  • Managing and reporting a Data Protection Breach, including setting up of near miss reporting as part of a preventative culture.

What Our Clients Say About Data Protection Training

 “This two day training course has significantly helped improve my confidence and knowledge to an extent of prior to this, I was thinking of moving to a life outside of Data Protection, but this has now helped me to understand the legislation so much more, that I am now thinking of staying, and even looking to further my knowledge! ”

Oxfordshire County Council Oxfordshire County Council

“The course will help in so many ways. In particular the Information / Data Sharing issues that I have come across I can now approach with knowledge and confidence. This will reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency and effectiveness for me and my teams.”

Greater Manchester Police Greater Manchester Police

“The course also helped me to think about the legislation in a different light also, rather than being faced with a situation and me thinking OMG where do I start, they have taught me to navigate the legislation in an easy to understand light! I have also been advised of some very simple tools out there such as the LIA (legitimate Interest Test) and APD (Appropriate Policy Document) which I will be using in my life as an IG consultant daily! ”

Oxfordshire County Council Oxfordshire County Council

“Whilst the course has raised some questions for me around current processes, it has made me feel more confident as I now have a greater understanding. The improved understanding will also assist me when completing and reviewing documentation such as DPIAs.”

National Crime Agency National Crime Agency

IAO Education Journey

SIRO Training


Physical Security

What Our Clients Say About Data Protection Training

“The training has substantially increased my knowledge, the course has made me realise that my GDPR and DP training with other organisations has been completely inadequate. It was helpful to have the legislation presented in real-life scenario terms. I now have a better understanding of the spirit of data protection, previously training has focused on legislation without suitable explanations.”

– National Crime Agency, Police Data Protection Intermediate Training for Non DPOs

“The training course has strengthened my knowledge of the field and introduced me to technical concepts that are not immediately clear, as they are ordinary words in the everyday vernacular – that knowledge is vital.”

-Merseyside Police, Police Data Protection Advanced Training for Non DPOs

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