IAO Essentials (Police)

First step on the Police IAO Education Journey

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As successful trainers of Police Information Asset Owners (IAO), we know that starting out on the IAO journey can be challenging. Forces that have decided to implement IAOs already know how important this role is, but people new into the role need a solid grounding in the basics, to build understanding and confidence. That is where our Police IAO Essentials course comes in. This course is about bridging the early knowledge gaps, helping set expectations and laying down the next step on the IAO education roadmap to success and high standards of information asset ownership. First step in the Police Information Asset Owner (IAO) education journey.  A basic introduction to the IAO role for newly appointed IAO's with no experience or prior training. Two hours training delivered via our Virtual Classroom on Teams or Zoom. Price is per session with multiple delegates. Maximum of 8 delegates per session. Maximum 2 sessions per day Call 0121 559 6699 or email bestpractice@advent-im.co.uk Combine your IAO Essentials and IAO Intermediate training courses into a full day for the cost of £1800 +VAT.
£950 +VAT
  • Maximum 8 delegates
  • Duration: 2 hours

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Police IAO Essentials

Police IAO Essentials outline

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