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UK to launch security standard for surveillance cameras

The UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) is launching a voluntary set of minimum requirements to ensure that surveillance cameras and components are manufactured in a way that is secure by design and secure by default. Secure by default and design is a key element of UK government policy on technological innovation. In January 2019, the […]

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Medical cybersecurity execs may have priorities misplaced, study

A recent study sought out how the healthcare industry is dealing with the increasing number of cyberattacks targeting patient data found those charged with securing the data may have their priorities misplaced. Carbon Black surveyed 20 leading CISOs from the healthcare industry and found 83 percent of surveyed healthcare organizations said they’ve seen an increase […]

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MI5’s use of personal data was ‘unlawful’, says watchdog

The security service MI5 has handled large amounts of personal data in an “undoubtedly unlawful” way, a watchdog has said. The Investigatory Powers Commissioner said information gathered under warrants was kept too long and not stored safely. Civil rights group Liberty said the breaches involved the “mass collection of data of innocent citizens”.

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IISP Live and Advent IM

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Advent IM are Premium Sponsors of IISP Live event July 11. Mike and Ellie are hosting a Masterclass, check out the IISP website for event details and how to sign up for a Masterclass. The link to book tickets is

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