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Happy Halloween, folks!

We hope there are no ghouls in your servers or phantoms phishing your colleagues. Best wishes from everyone here at Advent IM and if you’re looking for scarily good information security support, we are right here…behind the sofa.

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#5MinSecurityRead: Security and Data Protection in the Physical

Thank you to Advent IM Senior Security Consultant, Ian Waren. As we live through these unprecedented times, it provides us with the opportunity to reflect, as ‘normal working’ takes on a whole new meaning in a lot of cases. That said, some things do not change, especially where security is concerned. The ability to protect […]

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PODCAST: ‘Sophisticated’ attacks with Mike and Craig

Mike Gillespie and Craig Moan discuss the tendency to label every security event as a sophisticated attack and the impact that has on the understanding of both how prevalent serious attacks are and the need for  effective communication skills in security. https://www.advent-im.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Complex-attacks-v0.1-online-audio-converter.com_.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

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#5MinSecurityRead Redeployed security staff, is this the time?

According to  ISC², almost half of security professionals (47%) report that they have been redeployed for a range of mostly IT  and mobile device deployment functions and 80% have reported a change of some kind to their role during the pandemic crisis, so far. Most (90%) are now working remotely, though for many this will […]

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#5MinSecrityRead: “What we need is culture change”. Really?

A valuable exploration of our actual understanding and commitment to culture change, and as with so many things, definitions are vital or we stray into important concepts becoming buzzwords… Over to Derek Willins, Head of Client Development. “What we need is culture change”. Really? Every week I hear or see the phrase, “we need a […]

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Cybercrime in the pandemic

From Advent IM MD, Mike Gillespie. In a few short months the words ‘terrorism’, ‘conflict’ and ‘war’ have all but disappeared from our news programming. ‘Pandemic’, ‘coronavirus’ and COVID-19 now dominate not ony news but everyday conversatons, social media interactions and what feels like very waking moment. Sadly, 2020 has brought fear, uncertainty and financial […]

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