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The Labour Party cyber incident – Mike Gillespie’s opinion

During any election political parties make attractive targets to a whole range of online threat actors. This particular attack so far seems to be a low level and unsophisticated DDOS. Nothing unusual about this really, the proliferation of unsecured Internet connected devices has helped to make this an easy enough activity for even the most […]

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#CyberSecurityMonth and it’s the Top 10 WORST passwords!

Is your password still ‘12345’ or ‘password’ ? It’s time for change… Almost all of the current Top 10 WORST passwords have been in the Top 20 for the last 5 years. The threat will continue to increase as cyber criminals become smarter and more advanced as the years pass. With the increase number and […]

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Critical National Infrastructure and Supply Chain Threat

When we talk about Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), we are discussing a hugely mixed bag of organisations; utilities, education, banking, health etc. Some are in private or partially in private hands, others are non-UK owned (and also in private hands) and they have a variety of security challenges but one thing connects them, quite apart […]

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Cybercrime and the Police part 1

Part one of a series of podcasts on policing challenges, innovations and responses to cybercrime, with the help of the Cyber Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) for West Midlands Police. Part one features Patrick McBrearty from this unit in conversation with Mike Gillespie about his role and his experience, as well as an explanation of […]

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Advent IM On Tour 2019

Although we are at conferences throughout the year, we thought we would do a little snapshot of where we have been so far this year. You can see it on our YouTube channel   Music courtesy of

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