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The assurance world is changing, for many years the methodology used by the UK Government to manage the risk to systems, applications and information was the accreditation process. With a core team of experts who collectively have 230 years of experience working within the Defence industry, we are at the forefront of supporting organisations to adopt the Secure by Design (SbD) process, formally launched in 2023 to evolve the risk management process into one of continuous risk assurance, for systems / applications from inception through their natural lifecycle.  Working across all areas of Defence, we do this by following principles including, but not limited to Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF), JSP 440, ISO27001 and NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Any new systems or information-based capabilities must be assured using the new process. 

In addition to our key SbD service, we also provide our core services including;

  • Data protection
  • Physical security
  • Supply chain assurance
  • Business continuity
  • Testing 
  • Outsourced Solutions
  • Training including; Senior Information Risk Owner Training, Information Asset Owner Training and Data Protection Training. 




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Podcast | PODCAST: Moving Security Away From Rules

Published on March 1, 2023

Join Mike, Ellie and special guest, Paul Oughton, Head of UK Security Operations, Lockheed Martin as they consider the move of security from inflexible rules and instead, into practical principles.

Podcast | Culture and Behaviours in the Workplace

Published on March 23, 2023

With thanks to Si Pavitt, Head of Cyber Behaviours and Culture, Assured Cyber Protection for his contribution to the Advent IM Risk and Business Podcast.

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