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At Advent IM, every outsourced solution we deliver guarantees:

  • Robust governance and reporting mechanisms, meticulously tracking performance, outcomes, and through-life benefits to deliver enduring value.
  • Flexible commercial models that adapt to changes in the client’s risk profile or financial requirements, optimising costs while maintaining alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Dynamic resource and capacity planning to drive agility, ensuring prompt provision of capabilities as per demand.
  • Configurable on/off-site supplier presence, fostering seamless integration with the client leadership team and allowing client staff to focus on core delivery activities.
  • A structured approach to knowledge transfer upon exit, ensuring continuity of operations and lasting value for the client.

We specialise in delivering an agile, client-centric service tailored to address specific tasks or outcomes across a range of security and IT disciplines. Our scalable approach empowers clients to easily adjust services according to their needs, effectively eliminating hidden costs commonly found in alternative delivery models.

  • We establish robust service governance and project controls, enhancing transparency and reporting mechanisms.
  • Clients have the flexibility to choose from various service payment models, including T&M, capped T&M, deliverables, or fixed-price arrangements, all backed by meaningful service levels and KPIs.
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in demand and workload, enabling core teams to maintain focus on delivery excellence.
  • Our agile approach enables clients to ramp services up or down within days, empowering them to make informed delivery decisions in real-time.
  • We design services to achieve the client’s desired outcomes, while acknowledging their willingness to share risk, operational responsibility, and project control.
  • An exit management plan is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth handover of knowledge, processes, tools, systems, and intellectual property in accordance with the client’s future service requirements.

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