Red Teaming

A security test method for business.

Why Red Teaming?

Red Team testing was born out of a requirement to evaluate and test physical and procedural security measures with realistic, Threat Analysis based scenarios. The original development of the methodology was specific to businesses which employed armed guarding as part of the security profile; high risk to any live testing program.

The results of the testing program validate the measures in place and, if necessary, highlights vulnerabilities to give the business Risk Owner the opportunity to evaluate and apply the business’ Risk Management process.

Red Teaming as an option for everyday business

The methodology behind Red Teaming can easily be applied to any business that wants a realistic, Threat based testing of their physical security posture. Advent IM Ltd pride themselves on the provision of independent, holistic security advice and guidance, bringing a wealth of proven experience to this service.

So, when do you consider the employment of a Red Teaming Test program? There are two considerations:

1. As a natural follow-on from a Physical Security Review conducted by Advent IM Ltd


2. As a standalone exercise if the business deems their security is fit for purpose and requires a dependable independent evaluation; whole business or site specific.

So what’s involved?

Put simply, the methodology involves a logical approach to establish the threat and a realistic profile of a business security posture, and then plan and execute a series of tests to fully evaluate the security measures.

The Red Teaming program is bespoke to the requirements of the business client which will be established at the initiation of a project. This is essential, as this lays down the scope of the testing and all-important safety controls.

Regular communications and/or written plans/reports for the client’s will be provided for continuity and client awareness throughout. The Final Report will include, if required, recommendations for

improvement based on industry standards and best practice; Advent IM Ltd do not promote specific products.

Contact us today in confidence to discuss Red Teaming and take control of your physical security measures.

Also talk to us about remedial training, post-event and our bespoke training video capability to help you embed the findings across your organisation.

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