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Advent IM Outsourced Solutions Overview

For over 20 years we have been a pioneering force in the realm of cybersecurity, offering cutting-edge services and solutions to Government, Defence, Health, Education, and Technology sectors.

We are committed to delivering innovative approaches and strategic guidance, challenging conventional industry standards and outdated delivery models. As a result, we have developed our Outsourced Solutions model, empowering clients with on-demand access to specialised expertise, minimising internal latency and management overhead to near-zero levels. With the agility to mobilise tailored expertise across their entire portfolio within days, we ensure timely delivery of key programs and services, maintaining adherence to budget and scope constraints.

The service model evolved from our traditional security consultancy clients who required our trusted advisory services at scale. In today’s rapidly moving landscape of technological advancements and regulatory changes, we have unparalleled access to niche security specialists to help you assemble a team with the precise blend of skills and qualifications to fulfil your project requirements.


Advent IM Outsourced Solutions Service Overview

Advent IM Outsourced Solutions Capabilities:

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Our Outsourced Solutions Team at Advent IM partners with clients to understand their cybersecurity needs and strategic objectives. We tailor our services to align with key features such as Governance, Reporting, Client-Side Support, Commercial Models, Risk Sharing, and Service Transition/Exit, ensuring that each solution is meticulously configured to meet the unique requirements of our clients. This results in a fully customised solution that empowers our clients with the desired level of service maturity and control, while providing swift access to expert resources in a cost-effective and compliant manner, whether they require a small Security Team or a comprehensive Cyber Security Programme.

Advent IM’s Outsourced Solutions model revolutionises cybersecurity by broadening supply scope and providing competitive pricing akin to contingent labour markets. We employ risk-sharing mechanisms, streamline resource management, and deliver impactful outcomes similar to large-scale outsourcing and consultancy, all while ensuring clients maintain delivery control.

Advent IM Outsourced Solutions in Action

Provision of cyber risk specialists and security architects to directly support to over 200 individual projects. Through Advent IM Outsourced Solutions, our Managing Consultant took on responsibility for inducting, project assignment and overseeing their work through to conclusion. The Department  found this saved considerable time and effort having had the burden of overseeing the contractors removed and passed to a trusted delivery partner allowing them to focus on other tasks and priorities.

A large Government Department A large Government Department

Provision of security risk specialists, security/enterprise architects, policy writers and IT project managers to support a programme delivering cyber remediation following a comprehensive external audit.

The client greatly appreciated Advent IM’s expertise in screening potential candidates on their behalf as it removed a large degree of uncertainty on their part for getting experienced and reliable people onboard for the programme.  As the programme was working to tight timescales, we provided much needed resilience, as we ensured that if a contractor left the programme, a replacement was sourced and onboarded quickly with minimal disruption.

A large Government Department A large Government Department

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