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Advent IM Outsourced Solutions Overview

If you are an organisation that needs proven yet non-permanent security expertise for initiating or completing projects, Advent IM Outsourced Solutions is a perfect solution. As one of the UK’s leading independent security consultancies, this service brings true scalability to the trusted expertise and skills we have provided to Government and the private sector alike, for over twenty years.

Advent IM Outsourced Solutions service provides many benefits, including saving resource management time, as well as the ability to deploy your full-time staff to more strategic tasks. This enables cost efficiency and outcome success. Advent IM is not a recruitment agency. We are a well-respected and established security consultancy, focused on client needs and solving problems. This means that our Advent IM Outsourced Solutions service will give you confidence in knowing that our expert, full-time security practitioners sit behind all outsourced contracts, and will resolve problems as they occur, with a minimum of fuss. 

Our successful track record has given us a reputation for trust and excellence.  So, whether you need to fill one role, need several skills or perhaps even a whole team, we can help. We ensure every project receives the same focus, process and attention and has the auspices of our own in-house senior security consultants from interview to completion.  

Typical Job Roles Provided:

  • Security Consultant / Risk Assessor ( CCP, CISSP, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, CRISC, CISM, CISMP, GRCP )
  • Security Architect ( TOGAF, CCP, CREST )
  • Solutions Architect (TOGAF, CCP, CREST)
  • Cloud Security Architect ( TOGAF, AWS/Azure Accredited )
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst ( Research and Development, SIEM, Digital Forensics )
  • Security Cloud Engineer ( GCP, Azure, AWS )
  • Information / Product Security Engineer ( CISMP, CISM, CRISC )
  • IT Risk Analyst ( CISSP, CISMP )

Please contact us to discuss your individual or project team needs.

Our Service

We will agree your challenge and assemble the right people from our trusted network. Interviews and vetting are conducted to match skills to the task. Our ‘One Fee/One Contact’ approach means that on and off-boarding, timesheet management, and issue escalation are all covered, with a single contact.  For larger projects, project management and people management practitioners are also available when required.

Advent IM Outsourced Solutions is a proven service. A major Government department and large Defence Prime use the service regularly. Over 40 people have been placed on 5 major programmes of work, which included over 100 sub-projects. All completed to client satisfaction.  

All of Advent IM’s consultants are security vetted, experts in their field, and recognised by the UK’s Security Institute.

Advent IM Outsourced Solutions in Action

Provision of cyber risk specialists and security architects to directly support to over 200 individual projects. Through Advent IM Outsourced Solutions, our Managing Consultant took on responsibility for inducting, project assignment and overseeing their work through to conclusion. The Department  found this saved considerable time and effort having had the burden of overseeing the contractors removed and passed to a trusted delivery partner allowing them to focus on other tasks and priorities.

A large Government Department A large Government Department

Provision of security risk specialists, security/enterprise architects, policy writers and IT project managers to support a programme delivering cyber remediation following a comprehensive external audit.

The client greatly appreciated Advent IM’s expertise in screening potential candidates on their behalf as it removed a large degree of uncertainty on their part for getting experienced and reliable people onboard for the programme.  As the programme was working to tight timescales, we provided much needed resilience, as we ensured that if a contractor left the programme, a replacement was sourced and onboarded quickly with minimal disruption.

A large Government Department A large Government Department

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Advent IM Outsourced Solutions Service Outline

If you are interested in further details about our Advent IM Outsourced Solutions offering, please download our service outline here.

Outsourcing Central Government Case Study 1

If you are interested in learning more about Advent IM Outsourced Solutions, please download our case studies here.

Outsourcing Central Government Case Study 2

If you are interested in learning more about Advent IM Outsourced Solutions, please download our case studies here.

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