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Smishing attacks up sevenfold in six months

Scam text messages are reaching pandemic proportions, thanks in part to the pandemic The volume of scam text messages – commonly known as smishing scams – sent to UK mobile customers during the first six months of 2021 grew by close to 700% compared with the last six months of 2020, according to new data […]

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French government visa website hit by cyber-attack that exposed applicants’ personal data

The personal data of visa applicants hoping to visit or emigrate to France has been exposed in a cyber-attack targeting the French government’s ‘France-Visas’ website. The compromised data comprises details entered during visa applications, including email addresses, first and last names, dates of birth, nationalities, and passport numbers or identity card numbers. Read via Port Swigger 

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Nine cyber attacks on UK’s transport sector missed by mandatory reporting laws

The thresholds set for the mandatory reporting of cyber incidents across the energy, transport, health, water, and digital infrastructure sectors are so high that few if any incidents are actually being reported to government. Nine cyber attacks affecting the British transport sector were missed by the UK’s mandatory reporting laws and were only disclosed to […]

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Why phone scams are so difficult to tackle

Many of us now refuse to answer telephone calls from an unknown number, for fear that it could be a scam. A recent report suggests that we are right to be cautious. In the 12 months to March 2021, phone call and text message fraud across England, Wales and Northern Ireland was up 83% from […]

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