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Toyota forced to close factories after cyber attack on supplier

14 Japanese factories closed after parts supplier Kojima Industries was hit A cyber attack on automotive parts supplier Kojima Industries on Monday has halted Toyota’s car production in Japan. A spokesperson for Kojima, a supplier of air conditioning, steering wheel components and other parts to Toyota, confirmed that a virus had been found on its […]

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Supply chain cyber security is only as strong as the weakest link

A spate of high-profile cyber attacks has highlighted the criticality of supply chain security and put new pressures on security leaders. How can we ensure that cyber security remains robust down the full length of supply chains? From CloudHopper to SolarWinds, businesses have seen email fraud and account compromise bring down entire systems. Most worryingly […]

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Critical National Infrastructure and Supply Chain Threat

When we talk about Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), we are discussing a hugely mixed bag of organisations; utilities, education, banking, health etc. Some are in private or partially in private hands, others are non-UK owned (and also in private hands) and they have a variety of security challenges but one thing connects them, quite apart […]

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Ever wished you could pick the brains of a security expert?

Mike has a few things to say about MySecuritySurgery. Have you ever wished you could the pick the brains of a expert for just a day to help you understand or implement a specific area of security and help you move forward? Well now you can! Here at Advent IM we have always been passionate […]

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