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From Head of Client Development, Derek Willins.

Recent reports from Gartner (and Splunk) highlight the chaos that is unfolding in cyber security. By 2025 Gartner predicts; “nearly half of cyber leaders will change jobs, with 25% moving to different roles”. They went on to say that in effect, success is judged on not being hacked, and failure is being hacked.   “That puts security risk management leaders on the edge of their limits with profound and deep psychological impacts that affect decisions and performance”.

For me, this highlights a failure of business leadership in confronting the human cost to their organisations, from the immense forces at play in the risk and threat landscape. For example, digital transformation, data mining and new insight strategies create huge expectations for improved performance, yet at the same time project budgets are reduced and necessary skills hard to get. The thing is, all of the changes we are seeing now, were predicted, including the AI threat. If they are not taken seriously then risk appetite has to increase to accept them, or more investment made to mitigate them. These are the stark choices facing organisations in the 21st century and probably for most of it going forward.

Bringing this back to the tactical, day to day of running security projects, then it is possible for security project leaders to improve project outcomes, and reduce stress at the same time.  The solution is to consider security experts Advent IM, to source the right contract skills for your project. The difference with recruitment agents is that Advent IM is a security consultant. We understand your project and the skills needed. We will find what you need, place them and manage them and replace them as much as you want us to. We take the burden of stress away from your security team, to allow them increase the probability to deliver the project on time and budget, without distractions of people-hunting.


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