Advent IM Training Academy | February 2024 : Empowering Excellence through Knowledge

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Empowering Excellence through Knowledge


We are pleased to share the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Advent IM Training Academy, a dedicated platform designed to empower public sector, private sector, and policing organisations with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure their data and information assets.

In an era where the security landscape is constantly evolving with new threats and changes to accreditation, ensuring the security of your organisations information assets, in whatever form they may be in, is paramount. At Advent IM, we recognise the unique challenges faced by public sector, private sector, and policing organisations, and we are committed to providing comprehensive training solutions that address these specific needs.

Head of Training Welcome

“I am genuinely excited to be leading the Advent IM Academy as it is a reflection of my passion for security training and education. I know and understand the profound impact good quality training can have on individuals and their organisations. Advent IM has nurtured my passion for learning and this collective desire to build the Academy into a platform for growth and empowerment, is what drives us forward. On a personal level it is incredibly fulfilling to know that we can be a source of support, guidance and knowledge for aspiring learners, helping them achieve their goals and unlock their potential. This commitment to personal and professional development is at the very core of our mission and vision.” – Michelle Horton, Head of Training, Advent IM

Our Courses

Our courses are developed and delivered by our in-house team with extensive experience in their respective fields. Delegates can expect to receive practical insights and real-world examples, ensuring that the knowledge gained is not only theoretical but also immediately applicable to their day-to-day responsibilities.

Our training courses include:

Public Sector Senior Information Risk Owner Training

Police Senior Information Risk Owner Training

Preparing or Information Asset Owner (IAO)

Public Sector Information Asset Owner (IAO) Essentials

Public Sector Information Asset Owner (IAO) Intermediate

Public Sector Information Asset Owner (IAO) Advanced

Police Information Asset Owner (IAO) Essentials

Police Information Asset Owner (IAO) Intermediate

Police Information Asset Owner (IAO) Advanced

Data Protection Awareness Training

Public Sector Data Protection Training Intermediate

Public Sector Data Protection Training Advanced

Police Data Protection Training Intermediate

Police Data Protection Training Advanced

What we offer

Online Training

All of our training courses can be delivered online at your convenience. Our in-house training team delivers our courses via Teams and where required, will be tailored to your sector.

In-Person Training

A number of our courses can be delivered on the client site if required. Check our individual courses or contact us for more information about delivering in-person training for your organisation.

Stay tuned for further updates on the official launch date and new course offerings. Together, let’s transform our organisations through security.

For any inquiries about the Advent IM Training Academy or to book one of our courses now, please contact us. | 0121 559 6699

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