Strategic Review of Policing: Police tech needs better ethical scrutiny

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The Strategic Review of Policing confirms the central role that tech will be playing going forward, but warns of the need for greater ethical scrutiny to ensure public trust

The UK’s “largely analogue police service” needs a major tech update to deal with proliferation of digitally enabled crime, but new technologies also need much better scrutiny, according to the Strategic review of policing in England and Wales.

According to the 192-page review, while the internet has created new opportunities for crime and harm to take place – particularly with regards to computer misuse offences, fraud and child sexual abuse – police in the UK lack the modern technology needed to deal with this “explosive” shift.

Launched by the Police Foundation think tank in September 2019 and chaired by Michael Barber, the Strategic review of policing set out to examine how crime and other threats to public safety are changing, as well as assess the ability of police to meet the challenges of the 21st century

Read via Computer Weekly 

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