Stay Safe This Bonfire Night!

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Here at Advent IM, we usually talk business to business… but this is for everyone this Bonfire Night.

According to reports, the number of burglaries that occur from November onwards increases by a whole 38%, with domestic damages increasing by 160%!

Common sense will tell us this is because of the early darkness which gives criminals the idea to go looking for things that aren’t theirs… well, here are some ways to improve your physical security and prevent yourself from being part of the above statistic;


Lock your Doors & Windows!

A fairly straightforward method, however if you have family and guests coming over to watch your firework display then make sure all doors are locked. Whilst everyone is out in the garden, you’ll be making life a lot easier for a burglar to sneak in and remain undetected.

Similarly, if you’re attending a firework event yourself then be sure to secure all of your doors and windows before leaving the house.

Activate your Alarm Systems

Not everyone has one, but if you do… use it! Whilst you’re away from home, attending a firework display – then this piece of equipment will help alarm any person attempting a break in. The noise will alert local neighbours and of course your alarm company who will contact the police to resolve the matter instantly.

Leave the lights on

According to reports, just over a quarter of burglaries happen whilst somebody is still in the house. Obviously from a criminal perspective they want to avoid all possible confrontation so will attempt a break in whilst nobody is there… so why not trick them! If you leave your indoor and outdoor lights on, then you’re giving the burglar the chance to second guess themselves and not take the risk of breaking in. As well as this, if your outside is brightly lit it will increase the likelihood of any by-passers or neighbours witnessing a possible break in.


To conclude, if you want to prevent a possible break in this bonfire night, then use what you’ve got. This list may seem like common sense, but everyone can get complacent once in a while so don’t think you’ll get away with it by not using any of the 3 tips. Be prepared and dedicate time to improve your physical security!

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