Puma suffers data breach caused by Kronos ransomware attack

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Sensitive data on thousands of Puma employees stolen

The impact of last year’s Kronos ransomware attack is still being felt, with sports equipment company Puma now confirming it has suffered a related breach.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, Kronos filed a breach notification with several attorney generals’ offices earlier this month, which states that the attackers took data on Puma employees and their dependents from the Kronos Private Cloud (KPC).

“Since the attack was discovered, Kronos has been conducting a comprehensive review of the impacted environment to determine whether any individual’s personal information was subject to unauthorized access or acquisition,” said a letter delivered to affected Puma employees last week.

In the filing provided to the Office of the Maine Attorney General, Kronos said that a total of 6,632 individuals have had their data stolen, including Social Security numbers.

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