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  • by Olivia Lawlor-Blackburn
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With thanks to Si Pavitt,  Head of Cyber Behaviours and Culture, Assured Cyber Protection for his contribution to the Advent IM Risk and Business Podcast.

Si Pavitt was previously head of the MOD Cyber Awareness, Behaviours and Culture (CyAB&C) team under the 2* Directorate of Cyber Defence and Risk (CyDR). He was primarily responsible for setting the strategic direction for socio-behavioural change as it relates to cyber-secure behaviour across Defence although also provides consultancy to Defence human vulnerability and social engineering activities. Drawing on significant experience, ongoing academic research, and has an unending passion for the subject of psychology in security, Si actively seeks to share knowledge and best practice with any and all interested audiences within Defence, wider government, international partners, academia, and industry.

Previous presentation/literature

  • ‘No Mr Cyber Threat’ Overcoming the failure to challenge vulnerability. Black Hat USA 2022.
  • DSEI 2021 – “Focussing on the human dimension of security to reduce organizational risk”​
  • British Psychological Society ‘DefSec21’ – “What do you mean, ‘Awareness’ – Redefining current attitudes towards cyber-security through discourse-shaping content.”
  • Threat Avatar Theory (2021)
  • MOD Psychology Conference 2019 – “Psychology in Cyber Vulnerability Investigations”​
  • MOD Human Factors Integration Symposium 2019 – “Exploiting Humans: Human Behaviour, Vulnerability and Underpinning Culture through Cyber Vulnerability Investigations”

Research interests; Malicious actor cognition, narrative orientated learning and engagement, gamification, discursive engagement, converged security. ​

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