Millions of Internet Society personal files exposed in data leak

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Unprotected Microsoft Azure contained personal and login details of around 80,000 members

Cybersecurity researchers discovered an unprotected Microsoft Azure Blob storage containing millions of files with personal and login details belonging to Internet Society (ISOC) members. The exposed information contained included names, addresses, social media account information, passwords and more.

The data leak was due to an association management system being “configured incorrectly,” leading to a Microsoft Azure Blob repository being open to the public for an undefined period of time. The cloud-based computing service had millions of JSON files that cybercriminals could have used for phishing attacks or identity fraud.

While no data has been used for malicious reasons, the leak could have led to scammers targetting ISOC members and using their email address, name or password to trick them into gaining access to financial information. Plus, with their personal details, threat actors could also impersonate ISOC members to commit fraud or identity theft in their name.

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