Mike Gillespie Braved The Shave

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On Sunday the 31st of October  Mike Gillespie Braved the Shave on the 4th anniversary of his Mum’s death.

“My mum was both a mother and a friend to me, and gave so much of herself, selflessly, to help, support, and look after so many people in her life including her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren I, like so many others, have numerous friends and family who have been touched by or been affected by cancer, and have heard loads of stories about how these wonderful people at Macmillan have helped and supported them So if you want to have a great laugh at my expense, see me have my head shaved, in public, with footage posted onto social media channels, and feel good about supporting charity then please give generously”.

Mike would like to thank the 56 generous people who have donated to this fantastic cause raising a grand total of £1394 for Macmillian Cancer Support smashing Mike’s original target of £300 by over £1000! ( £5 provides vital and life-saving guidance to over 50 people with our guide that explains the signs and symptoms of cancer. This could help more people reach a crucial earlier diagnosis. £16 gives one hour of support to over 100 people through the Online Community, a place where people can find support from other people facing similar issues 24/7. £30 ensures essential medical, practical, and emotional support for people living with cancer from a Macmillan nurse for over an hour).

Well now it is time to celebrate and have that great laugh at Mike’s expense

We present to you Advent IM Managing Director and Co-Founder Mike Gillespie as you have never seen him before…..


Watch our latest Tik Tok featuring Mike here >>> https://www.tiktok.com/@adventim/video/7025635576867032326



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