Its Fibonacci Day!

News and information from the Advent IM team.

Fibonacci is a numerical sequence where each number is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers (see pic) and this creates something called a Golden Ratio. If you are an architect or building engineer, this concept will be very familiar to you. In its most simple terms, it describes a pattern, design, or layout that is satisfying and pleasing to the human eye and our sense of beauty in proportion. If you look at the structure of the nautilus shell in the picture you can clearly see that this design has come from nature, as does all mathematics.

When we first started to work with architects, we used the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio to demonstrate our understanding of this sequence and our similar desire to maintain the integrity of design and architectural vision in buildings, despite needing to secure them. We know that architectural dreams rarely include massive mag-locks on beautiful doors and the use of less than aesthetic barriers (thigh sometimes we understand that they are required as an obvious deterrent) to help secure a building. We like to work with architects and designers to avoid compromising their vision but achieve the security of the finished product. It is impossible to do that if security is an afterthought or bolt-on at the project’s end.

Anyway, we wanted to celebrate Fibonacci Day for the glorious bit of natural, mathematical genius it is. Once you have seen it, you will find it in all sorts of unexpected places…


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