Is a Bespoke Training Package right for your organisation?

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Every organisation is unique. And your information security and data protection training should reflect your specific needs. Sometimes off-the-shelf training is a cost-effective solution for your staff. However, a bespoke training package can offer a range of additional valuable benefits. Our bespoke packages are delivered by experienced security consultants who do this work daily and can bring up-to-date knowledge and experience to the training. 

Human error accounts for 21% of all security breaches. But with the right training and awareness, errors and breaches can be avoided and performance improved.

What is bespoke training?

As an organisation, you know the specific skills and techniques your team needs to develop and demonstrate best practices in security and information risk management. When one size doesn’t fit all, a tailor-made solution can be designed to cover all your requirements.

Bespoke training is curated to meet the needs of your business. For example, if you face specific information security and data protection challenges, our experts can tailor a training package to fit your requirements. As a result, bespoke training can be a far more efficient use of time and money while offering better resilience through the embedding of security best practices.

What are the benefits of bespoke training?

When your training challenges aren’t met using off-the-shelf solutions, bespoke training addresses your organisation’s specific needs and objectives. Other benefits include:

The perfect fit: Bespoke content is built around your organisation, rooted in your values and culture and tailored to your processes and expertise. So, your bespoke training package can include real-life content, including client case studies. We also recognise that organisations use different terminology. By using the language your company is familiar with, we can adapt our training at a granular level to provide individual departments and teams with practical advice they can put straight into action.

Better outcomes: A bespoke training package delivers specific skills and knowledge tailored to a particular project or business objective. As a result, your team delivers better outcomes across your own organisation and any partnering organisations — supply chain partners, for instance.Tailor-made training deals with specific and real life scenario issues that are more pertientn and therefore more useful.Your organisation can prioritise the skills and behaviours required based on business objectives and organisational risk appetite.

Complete control: From the training to the timescale and the medium, your organisation has complete control over a bespoke package. We all learn in different ways, and you may find certain training formats are more effective for your employees than others. We can offer a mixture of mediums, from 1-1 mentoring and classroom training to online video sessions. Our bespoke training packages can include several or all of these formats so that every employee gets the training and support they need to ensure business objectives are met securely and that best practice is business as usual.

Off-the-shelf vs bespoke training

Off-the-peg training modules are a cost-effective way to acquire generalised skill sets fast. However, information security and data protection training is integral to the resilience and success of an organisation and should never be treated as a box-ticking exercise. The challenges are different for each organisation and, indeed, for each team. As such, having bespoke training that captures the real-life experience of each team, will build greater and more memorable training experiences that can translate easily to workplace security challenges faced by all employees.

Information security and data protection are areas that all businesses need to get right. Making sure all teams are enrolled in suitable training to support these are as, is vital.

However, off-the-shelf training can be used effectively as part of a broader bespoke training package. For example, your tailor-made data protection training might include a general overview before moving into customised modules tailored to your unique needs.

Bespoke information security and data protection training from Advent IM

At Advent IM, we deliver Information security and data protection training to meet your needs. In addition, we can support your organisation with general and sector-specific training through tailor-made solutions. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to design a bespoke training package for your business.

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