FBI Hacker Offers to Sell Data Allegedly Stolen in Robinhood Breach

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The hacker who last week sent out thousands of fake emails from FBI systems is offering to sell data allegedly stolen in the recent breach at mobile stock trading platform Robinhood.

Robinhood last week revealed that it had suffered a data breach in early November after someone used social engineering to trick an employee into giving them access to some customer support systems.

The company said the attacker gained access to email addresses for five million users, and full names for a different group of roughly two million people. Approximately 310 users also had additional personal information exposed, including name, date of birth, and zip code. Ten of them also had “more extensive account details” exposed.

The individual who is offering to sell the Robinhood data is known online as pompompurin, the hacker who took credit for sending out thousands of emails last week from an email address belonging to the FBI.

More than 100,000 fake emails were sent out, informing recipients about a threat actor in their systems. The hoax emails claimed the threat actor was a security researcher, who suggested after the incident came to light that the operation was the work of a cybercriminal he had previously exposed.

Read via Security Week

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