Ever wished you could pick the brains of a security expert?

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Mike has a few things to say about MySecuritySurgery.

Have you ever wished you could the pick the brains of a expert for just a day to help you understand or implement a specific area of security and help you move forward? Well now you can!

Here at Advent IM we have always been passionate about using our expertise in the best, and most cost effective manner, to ensure our client partners are the best prepared that they can be.

Our ethos has always been to effect knowledge sharing, and to be agile and responsive, rather than to have a set of rigid, constrained services. This is because we recognise that when it comes to security, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Furthermore, we enjoy to not only think outside the box, but to think like there is no box….security is not box shaped and nor is our thinking.

Finally, we recognise that the threat is holistic and so the response needs to be too, and that includes having access to quality advice and guidance on a range of topic areas.

This week Advent IM launches our new MySecuritySurgery.  “What is that?” I hear you say. I am glad you asked.

We recognise that, sometimes, smaller businesses can be put off consultancy engagement because of cost, or feel intimidated at having to commit to long term engagements with consultancies. We also recognise that even mature, well managed security teams can benefit from an expert eye to focus in on key areas.  Our new MySecuritySurgery service has been designed to provide value for money access to expertise across twelve focus areas, which we believe covers the main organisational security concerns. All in one working day. No need for costly tenders, no ongoing commitments, just a friendly, experienced expert, onsite, for a day.

Whether you have worked with security consultants in the past or this is your first time considering doing so, MySecuritySurgery is sure to have something for you.

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