Energy sector the ‘most attacked’ in the UK, report

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The UK, Germany and Italy suffered the largest number cyber attacks in Europe in 2021, and the UK’s energy sector was targetted in a quarter of all attempts in the country.

The energy sector was the target of 24 per cent of attacks, with manufacturing and finance each on 19 per cent.

Data theft was the most common outcome of an attack in the UK, occurring in 31 per cent of cases, and the report documents a sharp rise in the use by threat actors of unpatched flaws, with the number of network compromises stemming from vulnerability exploitation up 33 per cent.

Globally, ransomware remains a scourge, although the proportion of all attacks that used ransomware was down slightly at 21 per cent globally compared with 23 per cent last year; in the UK, that number was 15 per cent.

Read via Computer Weekly

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