Demands on Fujitsu to contribute to £1bn Horizon scandal compensation costs

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Fujitsu cannot hide away as taxpayers pick up the bill for the Post Office scandal triggered by its IT system, say peers

IT supplier Fujitsu should pay the price for standing by while a “scandalous tragedy unfolded” in front of its eyes, a peer has said as members of the House of Lords rounded on the Japanese IT giant.

So far, Fujitsu has escaped financial costs for its role in the Post Office Horizon scandal, in which errors in its computer system, which it covered up, caused unexplained losses for which subpostmasters were blamed and punished, with some being jailed.

Since it was revealed by Computer Weekly earlier this month that the government last year paid £1bn of taxpayers’ money in subsidies to the Post Office to cover compensation costs, pressure in Parliament has intensified.

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