Boardroom does not see ransomware as a priority

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Less than a quarter of company directors think ransomware is a top priority for their security teams, according to Egress

Only 23% of company directors consider ransomware to be a top cyber security priority, even though a slim majority (59%) of organisations have at some point fallen victim to a ransomware incident, according to a new Egress study.

The report, 2022 fighting phishing: the IT leader’s view, is the latest in a long line of reports that appears to highlight clear and concerning communication failures between security leaders and company leaders.

With phishing and ransomware attacks still making headlines and becoming more impactful and sophisticated, Egress said its study confirmed that there was indeed a disconnect around the prioritisation of security at board level of in the face of the “perfect storm” cliché.

It urged boards to elevate phishing and ransomware, alongside discussions around staff training and preventative technology, in their conversations with IT and security teams.

Read via Computer Weekly 

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