Advent IM’s Weekend Wisdom 13/08/2021

News and information from the Advent IM team.

  • by Olivia Lawlor-Blackburn
  • General

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with a fresh new piece of Advent content. Starting this week, we’ll be bringing you a weekly roundup of what we’ve been up to, from events to blogs to podcasts, everything we do at Advent IM during the week will be captured here for you to catch up on over the weekend.

We will also bring you the most important articles and hot topics in the field of security.

Without further ado, please enjoy the first Advent IM Weekend Wisdom.

Advent IM Security Consultant, Leighton Hughes shares his thoughts on the National Lottery Data Breach >>> Read here

Liam Walker, Advent IM Security Consultant, has written an article in Edition Ten – Fraud, Recognition & Prevention of TPSO Magazine! >>> Read here 

You can now listen to the most recent episode of our Risk and Business #Podcast! Information Security People in the Boardroom is the subject of this episode. >>> Listen here

Peter Daniel, an Advent IM Security Consultant, has written a blog post titled What Makes a Cyber Professional? >>> Read here

We hope you liked our first Weekend Wisdom; stay tuned for next week’s round up on Friday!

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