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Advent IM #WorldPasswordDay

Today is a good day to talk about building a great password. Everyone knows we need solid passwords, it is a basic requirement. But one of the things I often hear from people is, ‘it’s all very well telling me to build a good password but what does good look like, and how exactly do I build one and remember it?!’ This is a fair point and a good question, so today I am going to make some suggestions you may find helpful.



  1. Make sure before you start building a password that you know the exclusive place you will use it
  2. Make sure you don’t ‘borrow’ any work passwords for personal life or vice versa
  3. Think of your favourite song.  I mean it. If it’s not a song, then a poem or film title or quote maybe. Something you can easily call to mind with plenty of words. I’ll give you an example; Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  4. Now you need to pick some capital letters and lower case letters from this song to start your build. Make sure they do not form any dictionary words. To expand on my example, I am going to choose SwOTeRBw – Somewhere Over The Rainbow. The more you can add the better, this is just a short example for you. The point is to pick something you will recall easily.
  5. Now I am going to pick some numbers and symbols and add them to my selection, like this @3SwOTeRBw!4
  6. Now I have a password that has no birthdays, pet names, or recognisable words and it is built on something I can easily call to mind because it is a song that I know very well.
  7. Make sure that any email accounts have a solid password built from a methodology you can easily recall, like this one, because your entire life could be reset from your email account.

I hope you find this helpful and have a safe and secure #WorldPasswordDay 20201.

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