#5MinSecurityRead: We have never needed CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth so much

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Information security has always been a volatile and unpredictable landscape; things move so fast the only thing you can hang your hat on, is change. No one could really have predicted the largescale change of many people’s working lives and conditions and whilst I may be biased, I feel security has been at the heart of many business’s concerns over the last few months. That’s is why I am so glad that October is here and every social media platform will be awash with tips and advice to help push better practice.

For some businesses, depressingly, this may be the first time they have reviewed their cyber security strategy and policies in a long time, as the pandemic has forced an unwelcome change agenda. For those business that absorb cyber security advice quite passively, then this social media event is a way to try and kindle their interest in doing things better. Not least because the threat landscape has gone through an almighty change. Many businesses will be operating on an even tighter budget than usual. Good quality guidance can be thin on the ground when you have little or no budget or you have spent it based on what you think you need not what you actually need. According to PwC’s recent Digital Insights (survey on the Covid period so far and looking forward six months), 68% of respondents had upped their cyber security awareness training as a result of the shift to pandemic remote working. Well over 60% of respondents have both experienced and project increases in the incidents of attack from a range of risks. This includes, personal devices used on networks, phishing, compliance and regulatory risks, risks from inadequately secured third parties, ransomware, use by unauthorised parties, DDoS and zero-day exploits. A heady risk mixture that should be as much encouragement as you need to have a thorough review if you have not already done so. But again, for those businesses newly agile it may be a big challenge.

We have always viewed our social media as a way not only to talk about what we do but also offer help and tips, so October is always very welcome. We will be trying to offer simple tips, content and sign post other good quality guidance.

We understand that we are all connected, that may be through supply chains or  through geography and this #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth we hope you will share what you find, build genuine awareness.




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