Universities need to get the most out of the ICO

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From our Head of Marcomms, Ellie Hurst

The report produced by the ICO on information risk in higher education, is an excellent resource that every university and college should be embracing. It is a pragmatic response to increased security breach in this sector, produced in a sensible and common sense, practical way. As you know, common sense, practicality and pragmatism are Advent IM bywords, so it made for a good read.

Our experience as training providers for SIRO and IAO roles has taught us that as these people move through organisations, they take great practice with them and its spreads to become part of the culture. Our experience as outsourced DPO services providers has demonstrated the need for all organisations to better understand the scope and nature of the information they hold and force them to examine how they manage and use it. In many cases, it has led to freeing up of resource as long held data is removed and space recovered both on networks and physically as records are securely destroyed and the storage space put to better use.

If you want to read the full report, it is here. And feel free to download the visual of some of the key points from the report.

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