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ISO/IEC 27002: 2022 – changes you need to know about.

From Advent IM Security Consultant, Leighton Hughes ISO/IEC 27001 is an international information security standard that assists organisations in managing their information security.  First published in 2005 (replacing ISO/IEC 17799) it was reviewed and updated in 2013. ISO 27001 details the requirements for organisations in establishing, implementing, and maintaining the continuous improvement of their Information […]

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Log4j: Why this massive security flaw is impacting nearly all of the internet

A major cybersecurity vulnerability is impacting nearly all of the internet, sending everything from financial institutions to government entities scrambling to patch their systems, before cybercriminals and nation states can launch cyberattacks. Known as the Log4j vulnerability, the flaw impacts a piece of open-source logging software that allows developers to understand how their programs function. […]

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Security Think Tank: Datacentre security is a business imperative

That datacentre security is a complex subject is not in doubt and, given the trend to move beyond centralised datacentres to distributed environments, this is not going to change. How can security professionals ensure such setups are just as secure as the traditional centralised model? Read Mike’s response in Computer Weekly.

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Cybercrime in the pandemic

From Advent IM MD, Mike Gillespie. In a few short months the words ‘terrorism’, ‘conflict’ and ‘war’ have all but disappeared from our news programming. ‘Pandemic’, ‘coronavirus’ and COVID-19 now dominate not ony news but everyday conversatons, social media interactions and what feels like very waking moment. Sadly, 2020 has brought fear, uncertainty and financial […]

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Security Predictions for 2020 from the Advent IM Team

It’s that time of the year when our consultants get the crystal ball out and make some predictions for the year to come… New Year, Same Problems … Another year and another set of predictions from the Advent IM Team … Mike Gillespie: Organisations will finally take the talking spoon off IT and stop buying […]

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