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Lets talk about some ‘highly sophisticated’ cyber attacks…

Advent IM MD, Mike Gillespie It seems to have become quite popular these days to refer to any attack on infrastructure, especially when it involves Government or Critical Infrastructure, as coming from a ‘sophisticated threat actor’. However, the truth is often that the attack has been facilitated by negligent but accidental internal behaviours, through poor […]

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Track trace fraud alert

SCAMMERS are finding it ‘blisteringly easy’ to pose as coronavirus contact tracers, experts said yesterday. Anyone armed with a ‘simple app and zero technical knowhow’ can make it appear as if they are calling from the official number that is being used by the new team of NHS trackers. Read story by Dominic Yeatman in […]

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Cybercrime in the pandemic

From Advent IM MD, Mike Gillespie. In a few short months the words ‘terrorism’, ‘conflict’ and ‘war’ have all but disappeared from our news programming. ‘Pandemic’, ‘coronavirus’ and COVID-19 now dominate not ony news but everyday conversatons, social media interactions and what feels like very waking moment. Sadly, 2020 has brought fear, uncertainty and financial […]

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