Fury as suspects ‘mistakenly’ given victims’ private details

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THE Crown Prosecution Service has admitted putting victims of crime at risk, by mistakenly giving out personal details to suspected criminals.

Victims in more than 50 cases were told their secret personal details such as health records, addresses and contact details had been accidentally handed to the defence. All the blunders by CPS staff were passed on to the information watchdog to carry out an investigation.

David Spencer, research director at the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: “It is astonishing the CPS could jeopardise the safety of victims even once in this way – never mind more than 50 times. They need to get their house in order as a matter of priority to ensure they are working in the interests of victims, not putting them at risk.” Last year the CPS admitted 52 serious data breaches. These included losing confidential material, accidentally destroying files and sending sensitive details to the wrong people.

Read via The Express 

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