#DPD17 Data Protection Awareness Day is upon us…game show style..

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Mike Gillespie, Advent IM Cyber Security TrainingData Protection Awareness Day is very important to us. Not only are we DP practitioners, we are DP practitioners who are helping businesses prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, which is going to have widespread ramifications and we want everyone to be well and truly up to speed. Fines amounting to 4% of global turnover for those organisations who don’t get their organisational heads round this, are no laughing matter. If you need a bit of help you can keep an eye on this blog today, you can go to our Data Protection page and you can book a  GDPR compliance check without commitment to anything further.

OK so the fines may be no laughing matter, but here at Advent IM we like to inject some fun into the serious business of security. We also felt you deserve a prize for wanting to make your Data Protection Awareness top notch today. Then we realised that a series of Data Protection tips is like a conveyor belt of prizes….maybe..on a game show… from the past… click!



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