Critical National Infrastructure and Supply Chain Threat

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When we talk about Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), we are discussing a hugely mixed bag of organisations; utilities, education, banking, health etc. Some are in private or partially in private hands, others are non-UK owned (and also in private hands) and they have a variety of security challenges but one thing connects them, quite apart from their criticality to the lives of UK citizens and that is their appeal to cyber attackers.

There has been growth in mega nation state-style attacks worldwide and the NCSC has also warned of attacks on UK CNI supply chain as a soft underbelly-style route into the main target. Add to this high levels of legacy systems of all sorts (IT and OT) sat in our CNI, some of it as old as me and we have a perfect storm. At a time when many organisations are scrambling to get their arms round supply chain security resilience and those supply chains have become increasingly complex, some of these most crucial organisations are targets for attack.

I recently presented on this topic for the Gallagher CNI event at Churchill’s War Rooms and plan to turn that presentation into a whitepaper which will be available on request.



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