Advent IM Launches New Specialist Service

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Date : 01/05/2023



Advent IM Launches New Specialist Service

A cyber security firm instrumental in safeguarding some of the UK’s most sensitive assets, people and data is expanding its services, it revealed today.

Advent IM, which has been working on sensitive security projects for many Government departments for more than 20 years, is enhancing its offering to current Government and defence clients and opening up its services to the private sector.

The company has launched Advent IM Outsource to help its clients source highly skilled and experienced cyber security personnel to manage or support sensitive or under-resourced security projects.

Research from recruitment agency Barclay Simpson has revealed that 85% of employers use contract or temporary resource to bolster cyber security departments, but 70% say qualifications and experience are not at the level their projects require.

Advent IM, Managing Director, Mike Gillespie said, “The new Advent IM Outsourcing service builds on 20 years of consultancy experience that our customers have come to know and trust, and allows us to service what is a much talked about skills deficit.

“Using quality people with proven skillsets, we can quickly and seamlessly plug those gaps in an organisation’s security structure, as well as providing excellent oversight and people management capabilities.”

Advent IM Outsource has created a service that provides customers with individuals or whole project teams for defined periods with all key areas of recruitment, interview, vetting support, vetting confirmation, and onboarding/offboarding handled, managed and overseen by the company’s senior security consultants. It will result in a simple one contact / one contract arrangement, simplifying an onerous process.

The company will draw from its vast pool of tried and trusted associate expertise to build teams or supply one off, defined period resource or help companies find personnel to join teams where there are key skillsets missing.

Some of the roles that Advent IM Outsource is able to help clients fill with include security architects, risk assessors, policy writers, system assurers, product security analysts and IT project managers.

Advent IM Outsource will ensure the same kind of senior security personnel expertise is brought to bear on each project, and managed through one contact who handles all issues, escalations and other aspects of the project to completion, including project management if required.

Mr Gillespie added: “Working in this way will ensure our clients are confident the skills and qualifications required to complete their project are in place. This belt and braces approach will ensure key projects can move forward and all key stakeholders will be reassured of the safety and stability of the project.”

As well as extending this new service to their current MOD and central Government clients, Advent IM Outsource is opening up to a wider range of organisations who have valuable information assets, new security projects or stalled projects that would benefit from the company’s experience, knowledge and skilled personnel in the cyber security sector. These will include telecommunications companies, health care bodies, banking and finance organisations, transport and other Government departments.



About Advent IM

Advent IM is an independent specialist consultancy, focusing on holistic security management solutions for information, people and physical assets, across both the public and private sectors. Established in 2002, Advent IM is a centre of excellence for security services, promoting the benefits of best practice guidelines and standards and the need to address risk management to protect against potential threats.From its offices in the Midlands and London, its consultants work nationwide and are members of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec), The Security Institute (SyI) and British Computer Society. Advent IM consultants are also lead auditors for the International standard for information security management (ISO 27001)), CESG Certified Professionals (CCP), Practitioners of PRINCE2, a recognised project management methodology widely used within the public sector, CISSP qualified and Home Office trained physical security assessors.

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