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It is interesting to see how the industry and its challenges are viewed by a newcomer, not just to Advent IM but to the whole sector. No stranger to information, a few words from a welcome new starter…

It’s been three months since I joined Advent IM as their new Business Development Manager. My role is to find new ways to engage with customers and industries, to ensure Advent IM continues to build on its already impressive footprint.

My previous life was in the data and insight industry. I was involved with buying raw data and creating added value services for retailers around the world. I know the transformational power, of good information used well. Looking back, I took internal data security for granted because data was the most valuable asset we possessed. With my new three-month-old information security eyes – I now see that many organisations have quite a different view of information and how it is valued – and therefore managed.

However, I sense that things are changing. A combination of regular high-profile data breaches from our biggest and best companies, the recent GDPR regulations, regulator fines, and the impact of data breach on brand equity, are driving organisations to raise information security up their agenda. It is only a matter of time for organisations to see information security as the business enabler and source of competitive advantage, which it truly is.

Another thing which has struck me so far, is people. The security industry is populated by quiet, thoughtful, clever people who go about their serious business in a calm way. Advent IM’s ‘only’ asset is its people, and their incredible knowledge and skill. I feel honoured to be working with them, and I look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Derek Willins

You can connect with Derek by email Derek.Willins@advent-im.co.uk 0121 559 6699 or find him on LinkedIn

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