Police Cyber Security

Supporting police forces across the UK.

Budget constraints, Force mergers and a changing system accreditation and information risk management landscape only add to the challenges that need to be addressed.

Advent IM has worked extensively within UK Police Forces to develop workable, proportionate and pragmatic solutions to issues of governance, system information risk management, roles and responsibilities and compliance with Codes of Practice including PSN(P).

In addition, we have developed sector-specific training aimed at educating Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) and Information Asset Owners (IAOs) and their particular roles and responsibilities, through close working relationships with NPIRMT and NPCC.

Our Police Cyber Security services include:

  • Information Governance Reviews covering strategy, roles and responsibilities and policy
  • Application of IA Assurance Methodologies
  • End to end Systems and Network Accreditation & Information Risk Management following NPIRMT guidance including Risk Assessments & Risk Treatment
  • Security Architecture System Designs and Reviews
  • IA Audits and Reviews
  • IA Incident Management Analysis
  • IA Policy & Standards Advice and Guidance
  • Codes of Connection Reviews e.g. PSN(P)

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Our Police Specific Training Includes:

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