Police Data Protection for Non DPOs Intermediate

Training Course for policing staff that are accountable for working with personal data.

Course Description

Given the critical role of Data Protection within law enforcement, this intermediate level course is tailored for personnel across various roles within police forces. As the first line of defence against potential breaches, both officers and management play a crucial role in upholding the integrity of personal and sensitive information.  

This course is not about us reading the legislation to you, but rather guiding you on how to understand and effectively apply it to create a culture of awareness and responsibility, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data we handle. 

This intermediate level of training will focus on ensuring that staff comprehensively understand Data Protection principles and can effectively implement them in their daily duties. Building a robust security culture is essential in the context of policing, and delegates will gain insights into understanding and applying data protection policies that support responsible information sharing which is a vital component of delivering effective public safety services. 


On-site Course Delivery

All on-site courses are to be held at a venue arranged by the client. Advent IM can arrange a venue and the cost will be passed to the client.

You can combine your Data Protection Intermediate and Advanced Training to a 4 day course at the cost of £6,950.


Who Should Attend

This 2-day course is designed for staff who already have a familiarity with Data Protection and the legislation and want to take their knowledge to the next level.

  • HR, Finance, and other administrative teams that have access to sensitive data
  • Staff processing Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  • Senior Officers who work with sensitive data
  • Information Governance Teams or Individuals
  • Other staff who have been assigned Data Protection implementation and compliance responsibility within their respective force.

Course Outline

The course seeks to put UK GDPR and the DPA (2018) into context using real life examples and delegate role-based scenarios. Areas include:

  • The history of the DPA, key definitions and the data protection principles;
  • The role and powers of the Information Commissioner;
  • The changes introduced by the EU and UK GDPR and DPA 2018 and how it affects current Data Protection practices;
  • Understanding the relationship between Data Protection and Management of Police Information (MoPI)/Code of practice;
  • Understanding the Principles related to processing of personal data, special category and law enforcement data;
  • The Rights of Data Subjects;
  • When and how to produce a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA);
  • Privacy Notices and Data Sharing Agreements;
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and aspects around the Governance of the role;
  • Key considerations to be adopted arising from Part 3 of DPA 2018 Law Enforcement Processing and key differences to UK GDPR Articles;
  • Managing and reporting a Data Protection Breach, including setting up of near-miss reporting as part of a preventative culture.

What Our Clients Say About Intermediate Data Protection Training

“The course will help in so many ways. In particular the Information / Data Sharing issues that I have come across I can now approach with knowledge and confidence. This will reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency and effectiveness for me and my teams.”

Greater Manchester Police Greater Manchester Police

“Even though I wasn’t too knowledgeable about data protection before I started, I feel that I know a lot more than I did and do not feel that Mike left anything out as he was an expert and conveying the complicated guidance and legislation.”

South Yorkshire Police South Yorkshire Police

“The Training has substantially increased my knowledge, the course has made me realise that my GDPR and DP training with other organisations has been completely inadequate. It was helpful to have the legislation presented in real-life scenario terms. I now have a better understanding of the spirit of data protection, previously training has focused on the legislation without suitable explanations”

National Crime Agency National Crime Agency

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Police Data Protection Training for Non DPOs Intermediate

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