Police Data Protection for Non DPOs Advanced

Training Course for policing staff that are accountable for working with personal data.

Course Description

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital information within law enforcement, an advanced understanding of Data Protection is paramount for police professionals. This course is designed for those seeking a deeper comprehension of data protection to support their role within law enforcement.

Building on foundational knowledge covered in intermediate course, delegates will explore advanced strategies and techniques to fortify the defences of law enforcement against sophisticated threats. Special emphasis will be placed on navigating complex regulatory frameworks relevant to policing, ensuring not just compliance but excellence in data protection. Delegates will delve into advanced data protection policies, practices, and emerging trends, equipping them to address the most challenging aspects of safeguarding personal and sensitive information in today’s dynamic law enforcement environment.


This course can be delivered virtually via Teams / Zoom, however, we recommend Police Data Protection Training for Non DPOs Advanced is delivered onsite.

You can combine your Police Data Protection Training for Non DPOs Intermediate and Police Data Protection Training for Non DPOs Advanced for a 4-day course at the cost of £6,950.

All on-site courses are to be held at a venue arranged by the client. Advent IM can arrange a venue and the cost will be passed to the client.

Who Should Attend

This 2-day course is designed for staff who already have a familiarity with Data Protection and the legislation and want to take their knowledge to the next level.

  • HR, Finance, and other administrative teams that have access to sensitive data
  • Staff processing Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  • Senior Officers who work with sensitive data
  • Information Governance Teams or Individuals
  • Other staff who have been assigned Data Protection implementation and compliance responsibility within their respective force.

Course Outline

The course seeks to put UK GDPR and the DPA (2018) into context using real life examples and delegate role-based scenarios. Areas include:

  • A deeper understanding of how the changes introduced by the EU and UK GDPR and DPA 2018 affect current Data Protection practices;
  • Understanding the relationship between Data Protection and Management of Police Information (MoPI)/Code of practice;
  • A further understanding of the Principles related to the processing of personal data and how that translates into working practices;
  • Repurposing of data processing;
  • The difference between Anonymisation vs Pseudonymisation;
  • Applying the basis for exemptions;
  • Key considerations to be adopted arising from Part 3 of DPA 2018 Law Enforcement Processing and key differences to UK GDPR Articles;
  • Understanding how to use the key schedules within the legislation.

Course Downloads

Police Advanced Data Protection Training

Course Outline

What Our Clients Say About Advanced Data Protection Training

“Increased knowledge  and confidence when dealing with future DP queries.”

Merseyside Police Merseyside Police

“I will be able to perform my role as Information Compliance Officer, as I now have a better understanding of the Data Protection Act and GDPR. “

Merseyside Police Merseyside Police

“The training course has strengthened my knowledge of the field and introduced me to technical concepts that are not immediately clear, as they are ordinary words in the everyday vernacular – that knowledge is vital.”

Merseyside Police Merseyside Police

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