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PSNP Compliance submissions must be completed, submitted and approved by the end of October 2015 as CJX Extranet expires.

When Local Government went through this process,the accreditor took a zero tolerance attitude to non compliant submissions, many submissions were rejected with little guidance on areas of non-compliance. This combined with limited time resources meant a huge challenge. We successfully went through this challenge with several of them and have many learnings we can bring to  Police Forces for success in this process.  This experience and our extensive work on varied Information Security projects as well as SIRO training for UK Police Forces, means we are perfectly placed to be your Force’s PSNP Compliance partner.

We can help.
You won’t have done a PSNP submission before and rejected compliance submissions can be confusing, time consuming and costly.So let us help you comply with PSNP and beat the deadline!

And remember PSNP isn’t just about technology. You also need to have appropriate governance, policies and procedures in place. And we can help with that too.

Our CLAS consultants are flexible enough to provide the support you need, how you need it.

Don’t delay. Take advantage of our experience with PSN and our working knowledge of Police accreditations, governance and systems. Let us help you get connected.

Call us today 0121 559 6699 or email bestpractice@advent-im.co.uk

We can carry out:

  • compliance health checks, including infrastructure reviews and software requirements
  • help you interpret the requirements by guiding you through AP2 and AP7 architectural patterns, attaching remote access devices (BYOD)
  • scoping ITHCs, reviewing and interpreting ITHC reports
  • updating RMADS
  • reviewing submissions
  • or even helping you complete the forms to make sure you get approval

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