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GDPR Fines Totalled Over €1bn in 2021

Last year saw a huge onus on the protection of data and privacy and this is reflected in the huge increase of GDPR fines, year-over year. According to data presented by Atlas VPN, GDPR fines hit over €1 billion in 2021 – compared to €171 million in 2020. A total of 412 penalties were issued […]

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TikTok fined a whopping €750,000 for “violating children’s privacy”

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) has decided to fine TikTok a massive sum of money for non-compliance with certain provided guidelines. The video-sharing platform has been fined €750,000 as it has been found to violate the regulation present in Article 12(1) of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read via Neowin

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Data Protection – a Brexit View

With thanks to Advent IM Senior Security Consultant, Ian Warren for his take on Data Protection, post-Brexit. The 31st December 2020 is looming large and with the final break from Europe approaching, the ground rush is becoming apparent. Those that do parachuting will understand the analogy; the first few thousand feet freefall are exhilarating and […]

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