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#5MinSecrityRead: “What we need is culture change”. Really?

A valuable exploration of our actual understanding and commitment to culture change, and as with so many things, definitions are vital or we stray into important concepts becoming buzzwords… Over to Derek Willins, Head of Client Development. “What we need is culture change”. Really? Every week I hear or see the phrase, “we need a […]

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#5minSecurityread: Ransomware. The only solution.

Thank you to Head of Client Development, Derek Willins for this 5 minute read One day you realise with horror that your files and computers have been blocked. Nothing works. A message appears, it says everything is encrypted, and you have 2 days to pay a ransom in bitcoin before it deletes everything.  What do […]

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#5minSecurityread: The prison of toxic assumptions.

A five minute read from one of the team Thank you to our Head of Client Development, Derek Willins The COVID -19 lockdown has reminded me about something I learned a few years ago. It was the concept of toxic assumptions. They are effectively thinking boundaries (or firewalls if you like) that create organisational inertia […]

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