Mike joined other speakers at the Norbain charity dinner for MacMillan Cancer Support

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Last week, Mike joined the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter, Simon Adcock from Atec and Simon Banks from CSL Dualcom, last week to address the audience at a charity event hosted by Norbain, to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Simon Banks discussed the current skills gap and the impact of a generation long skills gap as well as the new security apprenticeship

Simon Adcock raised awareness of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Buyer’s Guide – an invaluable tool for end users. He also raised valid points about the inherent security of security camera systems and why we cannot take it for granted and need to be aware.

Mike Gillespie explained that out of date platforms and operating systems that are un-patchable are huge risk to everyone’s. Given recent events you might be forgiven for thinking Mike had a crystal ball.

Some useful links on Data Protection for Surveillance Camera users:




Some useful links for the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and for the Strategy for England and Wales:



Photos courtesy of Norbain

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