Risk and Business - the Advent IM podcast

Security and Data Protection in the Physical

Security and Data Protection in the Physical

Mini podcast- phsycial security and data protection during reduced occupancy times

'Sophisticated' attacks, guest Craig Moan

Advent IM podcast - sophisticated attacks

'Sophisticated' attacks

You might think every cyber security incident that hits the headlines is sophisticated, but is that really the case?

Ransomware and CNI

Ransomware and CNI

Growth in ransomware attacks and the the shift toward much bigger targets and pay offs. Chat with Mike and Ellie.

The State of the Nation State

Risk and Business pocast

The State of the Nation State

In this episode we chew the fat with Phil Ingram MBE and look at the escalation of nation state activity and how it affects everyone’s every day lives, both digitally through cyber attacks and in real life such as the Salisbury poisonings.

Security and Covid-19 Challenges

Podcast: security during the pandemic

A look at the changes COVID-19 has bought about for businesses during lockdown

Government Digital Transformation

Government Digital Transformation from Advent IM

Podcast: Government Digital Transformation

Mike Gillespie and Dave Wharton...Discussion of where we are with Digital Transformation.

Just a Data Protection Minute

a data protection podcast with a difference

Just a Data Protection Minute

Test your speed and data protection knowledge against the team!

2019 Over the Shoulder

Podcast: 2019 Over the Shoulder

A look back at the year that was 2019

Cybercrime and cryptocurrencies

Advent IM with Trowers and Hamlins - security, fraud, cybercrime, cryptocurrencies

Podcast: Cyber crime and Cryptocurrencies

Guest - Chris Recker from Trowers & Hamlins tallking with Mike about joint perspectives on cyber crime: legal/security

Cybercrime and Police part 1

Cybercrime and Police part 1

Discussion with Patrick McBrearty from Cyber ROCU for West Midlands Police

On the Record(s)

On the Records

Rowenna Fielding, Emily Overton, Sarah Clarke and Mike - Infosec, privacy, data protection and records management - all up for discussion, including the relationships between the disciplines...

Infosec and Privacy

Infosec and Privacy

Mike in discussion with Rowenna Fielding

Education and the Future of Security

Education and the Future of Security

Mike in conversation with James Morris MP and Phil Ingram MBE

Talking to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Tony Porter tells us about the balance of privacy and security in his role