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The Data Protection Act 2018 is aimed at ensuring personal data on individuals is adequately secured. But how well do you comply with those requirements as a business? Do you even have a Data Protection Officer?

The effect on your business of not following best practice can be far reaching. If you are fined for a breach against the Act not only do you stand to lose £000s but the damage to your reputation through PR, media and word of mouth could be devastating. We are experienced in the confidential and expert support handling of the aftermath of a data breach and any subsequent investigations.

If you are looking for our GDPR QuickThink Guide you can download it here

If you are looking for Data Protection/GDPR awareness training, you can read about our course here.

If you are interested in our outsourced Data Protection service, you can download the MyDataProtectionOfficer leaflet here.

If you are interested in our Privacy Impact Assessment service, you can download the leaflet here.

If you are looking for the Data Protection Act 2018 HM Government overview click here.

We offer a wide range of data protection compliance services to help you guard against data security breaches. Using the guidelines in the Act, GDPR, as well as best practice advice in standards such as BS 10012, we can provide the following assistance:

  • Data Protection Consultancy
  • Data Protection/GDPR Compliance Review
  • MyDataProtectionOfficer- Data Protection Advisory Service
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Writing, reviewing and updating of Data Protection Policy
  • Data Compliance Checks and Audits against the Act and associated Codes of Practice
  • Data Protection Staff Awareness Training
  • DPA & GDPR training for individuals responsible for Data Protection
  • Identification of Data Protection responsibilities when offshoring data including compliance with the Principle 8 of the Act
  • Ad hoc assistance with implementing new and emerging directives from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Support in Data Breach Crisis Management, ICO undertakings and Monetary Penalty situations
  • Cyber Attack Crisis Management

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