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Here at Advent IM we are a different kind of security consultancy. One that was born out of the belief that there are better ways to secure information and other assets and that this, like business and life, will change constantly. That means we have to continually ask ourselves, “Is this the best possible way to achieve our security aims?”

To get to know us, you can look at our core values.  We thought long and hard about who we are as a team, as a client partner and to our industry. So our values, and the behaviours that feed them, go across all these areas. In other words, they are real and identifiable. We know it’s hard to define a culture, but we didn’t think that should stop us from trying.

We are lucky to have some of the cream of security talent. Their expertise in varied aspects of security planning, application and training/mentoring is phenomenal.  We are more than happy to offer opinion and comment on security events, because it is based on many years of experience and training. Take a look at our blog to find out what we have to say.

It’s a statement that we have been advocating for years but security really is everyone’s responsibility and for it to be effective everyone from the top down needs to be bought in. Not only do security disciplines need to be integrated as a business but also our approach to each other, our client partners and our industry needs to be too be too. Applying it in reality to a crucial business function brings widespread benefits to all.

We cherish our independence. Not only are we entirely product neutral and therefore genuinely unbiased and client partner focussed, but we are independent of thought. This means we understand tried and trusted methods and respect them; then try to find ways to improve; refine and disseminate them.

We use the word ‘partner’ a lot. That is because we have a rather different approach to consulting. We like to empower and mentor. That requires our consultants and our client partners to enter into a different kind of consultancy concept.  It is one that requires a trusting relationship and does not mean doing consultancy ‘at’ clients. We are part of our client partners’ teams and the number of long term clients we have and the confidence that they show in us, is testimony to the success of this approach. In real terms it means genuine support and understanding; transparency, honesty and integration into the client environment with their best possible outcome at heart. If you are considering working with us ask for testimonials. Our client partners will tell you in their own words why they choose to work with us time and time again.


Mike Gillespie, Managing Director

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